Sunday, 15 August 2021

From the Web Editor... My Sincerest Apologies.

 Dear all,

I leave this note as an apology to all who have relied on the website this last few weeks with regards to the online services and news updates, etc.

Due to personal matters ongoing and not feeling at my best of late, It can sometimes be a struggle updating and managing the website. It isn't as easy as you might think "oh just copy and paste emails and click submit." There is a lot of work involved on this site including changing particular code, uploading the videos straight after the online premiers, changing title data and so much more. It can take a few hours to get everything prepared before the service broadcasts, then another 20 minutes plus after the service to upload, apply the required information and then link and embed to this website so that everything connects together. For a sighted person, this can be done somewhat quicker, but for me, fully blind, using some rather specialist technologies and skill, it takes just a touch longer as everything has to be proof checked and edited.

I very much rely upon Revd. David Ash's service emails and also preparing and uploading the recent pew sheets. though it is more work, it is about providing a service and experience that users not only benefit from, but also need.

With this, Please accept my sincerest apologies for falling short of my original standard of service during this short period. As you may be aware, our clergy have arranged time off for certain weeks and David Ash has taken 2 weeks leave but will be back with us officially on Sunday 22nd August, recharged and refreshed, a much deserved break. As much as I. would love that kind of break, This website requires a fair bit of my time.

Anyway, I hope all are safe and well, enjoying the Summer holiday and all is well.

Take care all.


Web Admin / Developer / Support.