24-7 Prayer. The Prayer Course

Ladies & Gentlemen...
Welcome to the Prayer Course.

 We would like to introduce you to a rather special, unique and truly helpful online, free course. This is the Prayer Course, brought to you by 24-7 Prayer, provides you with an insight into prayer, understanding the workings of prayer and so much more... for details, click on the 24-7 Prayer to go to their website, you can view the material there and also access course notes and materials.
The first course which we held a quick Zoom refresher course on Wednesday 24th March, is available below, we now also include the Prayer Course II - Unanswered Prayer, again a truly inspiring online course which does help you think and engage in prayer.

This is the playlist for the 24-7 Prayer - The Original Prayer Course.

This is the playlist for the 24-7 Prayer - Prayer Course II - Unanswered Prayer..