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Tune In... And know us better!

We hope you enjoy watching our Online services and devotionals, whether here, our youtube page or through our facebook page. 

We're so pleased that visitors to our website, youtube and our facebook pages find the Online  services helpful, whether regulars to or church or newcomers and visitors to our website. This is a good sign.  That said, The internet isn't always easy for some of our members to use. So, we're able to make available copies of our services on DVD and we have a few copies of "POP Around" which summarise 4 services each. If you're interested, why not email the church office for more details..

Our Prestatyn Church In Wales OFFICIAL Youtube video stream.
Why not visit our official  youtube page and subscribe for all our latest videos and more... 

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Some other amazing Youtube channels below, including the Diocese of St. Asaph, Church In Wales and much more to sit back and watch or listen to.  

The OFFICIAL Churches of Llanasa, Ffynnongroyw and Trelawnyd Youtube Playlist.
We're hosting these services here in support of Revd. David Lewis and the churches he ministers to, so with this, we'd like to share his services on our website and encourage you to tune in and subscribe.

The OFFICIAL Playlist for St Michael's Church, Dyserth and Revd. Canon Timothy Lipscomb. 

The Diocese of St. Asaph's Official youtube page playlist.

The Church In Wales Official youtube page playlist.

The official Youtube playlist for "ThyKingdomCome". You really have to spend time and watch or listen to this playlist, it will change your life.

Devotional Resources...

For those of you who have access online there are a number of useful resources and podcasts that you could refer to for some regular encouragement...
Please Click Here for the The Diocesan Website, which has links to a lectionary (suggested Bible readings for everyday), bible readings and collects for each Sunday and other ideas for personal prayer.
The Hope Website produce quite a few of the resources (magazines and cards) that we have available. There are also links to a number of stimulating sites. 
"THY KINGDOM COME". An amazing website which includes music and much more.

Television Programmes:
Songs of Praise: Sundays at 1.15pm on BBC 1
TBN UK is a Christian Broadcaster available in every home in the UK, through Freeview channel 65 and Sky 582.
GOD TV is available on Freesat channel 694, or Sky Channel 580

Radio Programmes:
Prayer for the Day: daily at 5.43am on Radio 4
Sunday Worship: Sundays at 8.10am on Radio 4
Daily Service: Monday to Friday at 9.45am on Radio 4 Long wave and DAB only (see instructions below on how to find this on DAB)
Lent Talks: Wednesdays at 8.45pm on Radio 4 during Lent
Celebration: (Act of worship) Sundays at 7.30am on BBC Radio Wales Choral evensong: Wednesdays at 3.30pm and the same service is repeated Sundays at 3pm on Radio 3

In addition, there are many DVD's with Christian faith content available to loan from Prestatyn Church In Wales, or books galore (Please ask for what we have available). If you request a dvd (or book). it will be delivered to your door (having been in a sealed envelope for 72hrs to ensure it will not pass on the Covid 19 virus).

Letters to God - letters from an 8 yr old boy.
I Can Only Imagine - the story behind popular inspirational song.
Grace & Gravity - An Englishman and an American on a bridge.
Hansie - The true story of the disgraced South African Cricketer.
Unbroken - The true story of an Olympian adrift on a raft with his WWII crew. 
Left Behind - A vivid depiction of what might happen if God took his chosen. 
Faith Like Potatoes - Angus Buchan’s true story of faith in adversity. 
Courageous - Men learn the importance of being the best husbands and dads