Church of the Holy Spirit

Welcome to Church of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ reaching out to you. Placed on the alter wall of Church of the Holy Spirit

Well, you've probably driven or walked past this rather interesting and unusual building, you might or might not have not noticed us... If you haven't, you will now. Here's the story of Church of the Holy Spirit, a unique and special church between Rhyl and Prestatyn which offers so much to the local community.

In 1968. to meet the needs of a rapidly growing residential area of town, the Church of the Holy Spirit was built on Victoria Road (near to the Ffrith Beach). The Church is of a pre fabricated design, providing a church and hall separated by a movable screen. The church seats approximately 60 people which increases to 110 when the screens are opened.

A clock tower was installed, complete with digital bells. There is a Rogers two manual digital organ and Kawai digital piano as part of our music support, also an installed P.A system. Over the past few years all facilities have been updated to a high standard with kitchen and toilets. More recently the church has been provided with audio visual facilities and an electric screen.

The congregation numbers, about 20, who value the ability to worship in a friendly and intimate atmosphere of a small and warm church. Many community groups use the church hall and so help financially to enable the Church of the Holy Spirit to be a presence in this part of the mission area.


Revd. David Ash.

Retired clergy supporting: 
Canon. Brian Harding
Revd. John Evans
Revd. Nita Edwards
Revd. Geoff Breffitt

Worship Leaders:
Branwen Harding, 
Sharron Ing.

Don Whaley,
Mary Morris,
Tim Carter,
Sheila Breffitt.

Mission Outreach and Belief CHS Committee: 
Geoff Breffitt (Chair),
Sharron Ing (Secretary),
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts (Treasurer), 
Other Attendees.

Mission Area Representatives:
Steve Ing,
Emrys Lloyd-Roberts. (Substitute)

Warden & Organist: 
Richard Ablitt.

Sunday Worship
 9.30am every Sunday...
1st Sunday - Holy Communion,
2nd Sunday - Morning Prayer,
3rd Sunday - Holy Communion,
4th Sunday - All age worship,
5th Sunday - Holy Communion,
6.00pm 2nd Sunday "Sunday at Six".


Church of the Holy Spirit Photo Gallery. Yes... Photos!

Ah ha, yes, from across the road, the front view of Church of the Holy Spirit, a Prefabricated building in white primarily windowed with front entrance and parking.
From the outside... Who'd have thought it?

Ah Ha, 2021 photo of our new "Recycled Wood" hand crafted cross...

Image taken from left (entrance doors). Blue fabric wooden chairs lectern to left with organ and piano to left, alter to right of image.
From the inside... Now that's more like it.

White UPVC doors lead in to a linoleum floor with storage and hangers to left. entrance to community hall straight ahead and church to left. Sunny outside.
From the main entrance...

a linoleum floor with storage and hangers to left. entrance to community hall straight ahead and church to left. Sunny outside.
As you come in... Welcome!

Image from Community Hall entrance to church. Parquet floor, wooden chairs with blue fabric, organ and piano to left with pulpit to left back wall, alter to centre. taken on a sunny day
Ah, now you get a proper view...

Blue fabric wooden chairs either side in rows, blue centre carpet, alter to centre. Showing closed organ to left. Sunny outside.
...Part 2...

Our Church Hall and Kitchen Facilities.

Part of the church, which receives regular use, is our church community hall, which is available for hire or rental. It serves as the hub of the community for various events, from choir rehearsals, to other interesting and intriguing events.

So if you would like to know more about arranging the hire of our hall, or get pricing, etc, 
please call 01745 856549.

Photos of our Church Hall...

Image of hall with wooden sliding door dividers closing off church, entrance door to left and entrance to church left. Community hall mainly white with blue doors.

Image of entrance to church via wooden glazed doors and wooden glazed sliding doors which open to extend the church in to the hall. White walls. Sunny outside

Showing floor space with linoleum floor, white walls, windows with sun shining through

Large space, linoleum floor, Windows letting in sun light, folding chairs stacked. Radiators fitted to walls.

Showing off further space including storage and white board. Windowed space to two walls letting in sun light. to left of image  is a windowed  unit to the canteen with storage below in blue doors.

Window to left letting in light. doors for storage ahdead with window type unit for kitchen. linoleum floor, white walls.

Our Kitchen and catering abilities...


Now then, phtos of the great outdoors and what we hope could be the start of something "Green"...