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If you're looking for Christian inspiration, this is the website for you. It contains so much, you might just feel like a new you! Pop on in, It'll change your life.

A helpful and supportive website which gives guidance on the Anglican and Christian church, faith and religion. Why not pop in and see for yourself.
If you are able to support our cause, please visit this page. What ever you can give means so much to our church, especially at a time where we are faced with the CoronaVirus Crisis, Our churches can't provide the services and work  we usually provide, meaning that we have to find ways around this. Though Church doors will soon open, we still can't undertake what we need to do. Can you help us? For more information, please also visit this link... Gift Direct. Your Church Needs You!



An organisation supporting Blind and Visually Impaired members of the church, raising awareness and support for resources for churches and members of our churches.

An amazing resource for churches to register with, where church leaders, members of faculty and other members  can seek advice and training in supporting members of our churches who are sight impaired or blind. A cause worth supporting and spreading the word of, in order that all churches can provide the right support and resources for those who need support in our churches where sight loss can make church life challenging or extremely difficult.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind is a charity supporting those with vision impairment and sight loss with resources, information and guidance.

A charity supporting those registered with both hearing and sight impairments including Deaf-Blind, who require support, advice and assistance.

A Charity supporting those with sight impairments and sight loss with various offices throughout the UK.

improves the quality of life for people who cannot read print (due to sight loss or other disabilities) by bringing them the pleasure of reading through a subscription-free, nationwide postal service of audio books. They offer a choice of over 8,600 titles, fiction and non-fiction.

An international Christian disability and development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and at risk of disabilities in the poorest countries of the world. 

A campaign run in partnership by several Christian disability organisations. The Torch Trust is enthusiastic participant. Follow the link to see a list of other consortium members and to access their websites.

Transcribers and producers of Braille Bibles in 43 languages - to 47 countries - despatched to 120 destinations worldwide.

Provide the daily Bible texts for Torch braille and giant print Scripture Text Calendars.

Torch Trust's partner broadcasting Reflections, Torch's radio programme for blind and other disabled people that goes out every Sunday at 4pm. This next link takes you directly to the listen now facility on the site. There is a short introduction before you are connected to the live broadcast. (Reflections is also broadcast each Sunday morning at 9am on RNIB's Connect Radio.)

The directory for services aimed at helping blind or partially sighted people.

Torch Trust is an active member of the UK Association for Accessible Formats, a brand new organisation, which is a powerful blend of industry experience and expertise brought together by the recent merger of three former industry associations: COTIS (Confederation of Transcribed Information Services), and BAUK (the Braille Authority of the UK), and UKABP (UK Association of Braille Producers), who agreed unanimously during 2008 to join forces to make better use of resources, to make a bigger impact for the benefit of blind and partially sighted people.

A Service supporting local sight loss charities in enabling blind and partially sighted people to achieve their full potential as independent citizens, and to influence and work in partnership with others to improve the quality of life for visually impaired people.



Richard King specialises in Audio loop systems for hearing impaired visitors who come to our churches. The message of Jesus should be heard by all, so, anyone who comes to us with hearing aids with loop support, can hear with us. Thank you for products which change peoples lives. For more information, visit the website.

We are proud to own a rather stunning 3 manual WpX organ, hand crafted by Wyvern Organs. Installed in 2011 to our main church - Christ Church, this organ, with a collection of stops, gives our church a whole new musical life. Wyvern Organs offers a service and support which makes a difference to our church

We would like to thank StudioSpares for their amazing care, support and assistance with supply of equipment for a rather special upcoming project which we'll share on here very soon. We highly recommend StudioSpares for any church Audio systems supply and specification.