COVID 19 Matters


New guidance has been prepared for managing Coronavirus under Welsh Government’s Alert Level Zero. These set out guidance on how to prepare risk assessments and reasonable mitigation measures that should be considered by each local trustee body.

The guidance documents can be accessed below:

Please contact your archdeacon if you have any questions.


UPDATED GUIDANCE for 17 May: Alert level 2

Wales is now at Alert Level 2 and Welsh Government has set out the next steps of relaxing restrictions. Alert Level 2 does mean that a wider range of activities are permitted but restrictions on how these activities are undertaken remain.

Details of what Alert Level 2 means in Wales can be found at:

In particular, attention is drawn to:

You can find full details on the Church in Wales website.

4 May: Guidance on Celebrating Holy Communion

The bishops have amended their guidance on the conduct of worship in our Churches. The Bishops are now encouraging opening, and, as a special concession with safeguards in place, the administration of Holy Communion in both kinds. Please read the guidance below.

Please contact your archdeacon if you have any questions.


UPDATED GUIDANCE for 3rd February: Amended guidance on Lent, Holy Week and Easter

A reminder that the Bench of Bishops is encouraging alternatives to in-person worship at present, although it does not, at this time, require the suspension of in person worship.

You can read the advice from the Bench here.


Effective As Of Monday 4th January 2021.

It is with mixed feelings that I am letting you know that Sunday Services in our churches are suspended once more. This is in the light of the new variant Covid 19 now being in North Wales and the continued rise in the numbers of people testing positive. The Bishop of St Asaph has released a strong recommendation this morning and the Bryn a Môr Mission Area is following this guidance with immediate effect.

The position with regards to private prayer times, funerals and weddings has now been made clear. there is now the confirmation that the private prayer times in our churches are also suspended for the time being.

The online services shall continue and I hope will be helpful to you. The latest service is available to watch at the bottom of this page, on our News & Notices page or Here.

I will keep you informed of any changes as they happen. Updates will be included here as events progress. 

For more information regarding COVID19 Status level 4 and advice from the Church in Wales / Diocese of St. Asaph, please visit the Diocese of St. Asaph website or the Church In Wales website.

God bless you.


Revd David Ash
Vicar of Prestatyn
01745 776355



This page will be updated as further news is available. Please watch this space with regards to potential changes which may affect us...

The following messages are released from both Church in Wales and the Diocese of St. Asaph after consultation with Welsh and British Government. Please visit this page for further updates...

Please find the following PDF files of use. These are the COVID19 Safety Notice Posters made available through Church In Wales.


STATEMENT OF ACTION: 19th December 2020.

Wales, in conjunction with British Government have engaged as of today (Saturday 19th December), although discussed on Thursday 17th December through Cabinet engagements Initiation of Lockdown status LEVEL 4 for Wales.

Mark Drakeford, First Minister for Wales published a statement in regards to Christmas matters and the status of retail and businesses operating under Level 4 restrictions.

UPDATED GUIDANCE - Thursday 17th December 2020.

17 December 2020: Alert Level 4

As we approach Christmas, we are aware that Wales is entering the highest alert level for Coronavirus (largely from 28th December). Whilst places of worship do not need to close for services and worship under this level, we urge churches to carefully review the services they plan to offer over the coming weeks. It is more important than ever that risk management and mitigation measures are robust and that resources are in place to implement them. We owe a duty to all those attending services to do all we reasonably can to keep people safe even if that may mean reducing the number and frequency of services offered in some cases. Please review your plans and risk assessment procedures accordingly to make sure people can be certain of a safe environment at church services.

You can see all the up to date information on the Church in Wales website.

Welsh Government has published guidance on singing during the Christmas period and this is available at: Singing over the festive period | GOV.WALES




Updated 14 Sept: Places of worship and church halls can remain open for the range of activities so far permitted and the limit of 6 persons does not apply.

However, face coverings must be worn by all persons over the age of 11 who participate in activities inside the premises.

The updated guidance and safety criteria for re-opening for public worship is published on the Church in Wales website.

In this diocese, the key body in making decisions will be the Mission Area Conference or Executive. There are risk assessments and procedures that must be in place before churches are opened. Mission Areas should develop a shared strategy towards the opening of church buildings in their area. Mission Area Leaders are asked to liaise with the archdeacons, as they develop plans and move forward.


Updated:10 July 2020:

Welsh Government has announced that places of worship can re-open for public worship (including baptism and Eucharist services), for individuals or households for private (personal) prayer and weddings/funerals.

This is all subject to strict guidelines.

It is important you read the guidance in fulland liaise with your Mission Area Leader and Archdeacon to complete a risk assessment before opening a church.

Further information is available on the Church in Wales website.


Updated:19 June

Welsh Government has announced that places of worship may be re-opened for individuals or households for private (personal) prayer only from Monday 22 June.

Places of worship cannot actively organise activities such as services and prayers that will encourage people to gather.

Furthermore, religious activity involving physical contact, speaking in unison, singing or chanting and activities which utilise shared equipment will not be permitted.

A person cannot act as a leader of devotions, a form of service or prayer of any sort.
A Covid-19 risk assessment must be completed by each place of worship before opening.

It is important you read the guidance in full and liaise with your Mission Area Leader and Archdeacon to complete a risk assessment before opening a church.


Churches in Wales can re-open for private prayer from Monday (June 22) as the Welsh Government eases lockdown restrictions.

Churches which are able to meet strict safety measures can re-open for individuals and household groups to pray. However, all churches will remain closed for services, including weddings, funerals and baptisms.

This guidance is permissive – it is not required of any church. 

In order to guide this process, a working group has approved a series of instructions for any Church in Wales Church wishing to re-open, and the Bench have updated their pastoral guidance.

All the material can be found on the Church in Wales website:

In this diocese, the key body in making decisions will be the Mission Area Conference or Executive. There are certain risk assessments and procedures that must be in place before churches are opened. Mission Areas should develop a shared strategy towards the opening of church buildings in their area. Mission Area Leaders are asked to liaise with the archdeacons, as they develop plans and move forward.


Effective as of 24th March 2020 until further notice.

The Prestatyn Church in Wales Buildings are now CLOSED until further notice due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic. 


"Although by themselves... No one needs to be alone!" 

Please read on for further help and resources. 

Prayer Requests / Pastoral Needs / Requests for & Offers of help shopping, etc... 
Please contact 01745 776355 or email the Church Office

For more information regarding the current scale of COVID 19, please visit the following website which gives advice on current actions, etc. NHS COVID19 Advice also Wales Government Latest Advice


Prestatyn Church in Wales help available during the Pandemic... 

For Urgent Medical Concerns: 
Please telephone your GP surgery or NHS 111 

For help with shopping, etc: 
Prestatyn Churches 01745 776355 

Other Local Offers are also being made on Social Media. 

Feeling a bit lonely? 
Silverline (for those over 55yrs) 0800 4 708090. 
Age Cymru (for those over 70yrs) 0800 223 444. 

Prayer Requests or pastoral support: 01745 776355 (please leave a message) or E-Mail the Church Office

Other Churches will also be wanting to help too, so do try them as well. 

We have put together some Devotional Resources on page 11 of the Annual Report 2020 and also below. We encourage you to visit our "Tune In" page where you can find online broadcasts of services from Revd. David Ash, webcasts from the Church In Wales, the Diocese of St. Asaph, as well as music for worship and meditation and more... 

Please also visit our "Prayers" page, for prayers through difficult times. 


Devotional Resources. Here to help you through... 

For those of you who have access online there are a number of useful resources and podcasts that you could refer to for some regular encouragement. The Diocesan Website has links to a lectionary (suggested Bible readings for everyday), bible readings and collects for each Sunday and other ideas for personal prayer. 

Hope produce quite a few of the resources (magazines and cards) that we have available and on their website there are links to a number of stimulating sites. 

Cytûn has prepared a candle poster for those who would like to place a permanent symbol in their front windows of Christ’s light shining in the darkness. Just click on either of the images below and print... 

Television Programmes: 
Songs of Praise: Sundays at 1.15pm on BBC 1. 
TBN UK is a Christian Broadcaster available in every home in the UK, through Freeview channel 65 and Sky 582. 
GOD TV is available on Freesat channel 694, or Sky Channel 580.
Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Sundays at 10.30am on S4C. 

Radio Programmes: 
Prayer for the Day: daily at 5.43am on Radio 4. 
Sunday Worship: Sundays at 8.10am on Radio 4. 
Daily Service: Monday to Friday at 9.45am on Radio 4 Long wave and DAB only (see instructions below on how to find this on DAB).
Yr Oedfa: Sundays at 5-30am & 11-30am on Radio Cymru. 
Bwrw Golwg: Sundays at 8am on Radio Cymru. 
Lent Talks: Wednesdays at 8.45pm on Radio 4 during Lent. 
Celebration: (Act of worship) Sundays at 7.30am on BBC Radio Wales. 
Choral evensong: Wednesdays at 3.30pm and the same service is repeated Sundays at 3pm on Radio 3. 

In addition there are many DVD's with Christian faith content available to loan from me, or books galore (lists to follow). If you request a dvd (or book) it will be delivered to your door (having been in a sealed envelope for 72hrs to ensure it will not pass on the Covid 19 virus). 

Letters to God - letters from an 8 yr old boy. 
I Can Only Imagine - the story behind popular inspirational song. 
Grace & Gravity - An Englishman and an American on a bridge. 
Hansie - The true story of the disgraced South African Cricketer. 
Unbroken - The true story of an Olympian adrift on a raft with his WWII crew. 
Left Behind - A vivid depiction of what might happen if God took his chosen. 
Faith Like Potatoes - Angus Buchan’s true story of faith in adversity. 
Courageous - Men learn the importance of being the best husbands and dads.