Wednesday 24 June 2020

News regarding Churches during COVID19.

There is hope...

Hello to you all. As you may know, British Government, working with the devolved states (Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)  in consultation with Church of England, also Church In Wales, have revised lockdown  rules & guidelines which have allowed us to slowly and carefully open our churches for private prayer only at this present time. This is a ray of hope for us and as such means that in time, some form of  a better form of normality may happen.

We're facing such daunting times at the moment. All we can do is support each other, pray for help, guidance and a guiding hand.

This post contains details as presented by Church In Wales and the Diocese of St. Asaph.


This message comes from the Diocese of St. Asaph's website. Though this is a potentially encouraging sign, we still have a road to travel and a path we must follow...

Updated:19 June

Welsh Government has announced that places of worship may be re-opened for individuals or households for private (personal) prayer only from Monday 22 June.

Places of worship cannot actively organise activities such as services and prayers that will encourage people to gather.

Furthermore, religious activity involving physical contact, speaking in unison, singing or chanting and activities which utilise shared equipment will not be permitted.

A person cannot act as a leader of devotions, a form of service or prayer of any sort.
A Covid-19 risk assessment must be completed by each place of worship before opening.

It is important you read the guidance in full and liaise with your Mission Area Leader and Archdeacon to complete a risk assessment before opening a church.


Churches in Wales can re-open for private prayer from Monday (June 22) as the Welsh Government eases lockdown restrictions.

Churches which are able to meet strict safety measures can re-open for individuals and household groups to pray. However, all churches will remain closed for services, including weddings, funerals and baptisms.

This guidance is permissive – it is not required of any church. 

In order to guide this process, a working group has approved a series of instructions for any Church in Wales Church wishing to re-open, and the Bench have updated their pastoral guidance.

All the material can be found on the Church in Wales website:

In this diocese, the key body in making decisions will be the Mission Area Conference or Executive.  There are certain risk assessments and procedures that must be in place before churches are opened.  Mission Areas should develop a shared strategy towards the opening of church buildings in their area.  Mission Area Leaders are asked to liaise with the archdeacons, as they develop plans and move forward.

Keep Safe,
Keep Praying &
Keep Close to Jesus!

God bless you,

Revd David Ash.
Vicar of Prestatyn.
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Prestatyn Church in Wales: Christ Church & the Church of the Holy Spirit.
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