Saturday 27 March 2021

Our Online Service for Sunday 28th March 2021. "Humbled & Inspired." The Sixth Sunday Of Lent!

Our Online Service for Sunday 28th March 2021.
"Humbled & Inspired."
The Sixth Sunday Of Lent!

Image containing text and images. Text reads: “No live Sunday services at present. “Humbled & Inspired” - A Palm Sunday Service - 10 AM 28th March. Holy Week 4PM Wed - Sun Unanswered Prayer Course. Thurs: Stripping The Altar. Fri: What’s so good about Friday?” Available at Prestatyn Church in Wales Facebook & Youtube  Pages or at”

Hi Folks

Don't forget to put your clocks forward an hour!

The new service Today for Palm Sunday has plenty of music, pictures, readings and prayers, so if you have a palm cross then have it with you and get ready to wave it.  It will be available from 10am.

Clear background with text in green and black reads: "Unanswered Prayer. The prayer course II."

Our new course for the Mission Area will be on Holy Week at 4pm from Wednesday through until Easter Day - the Unanswered Prayer Course.  An hour a day seems a fitting discipline for that period and each session will include a video, some discussion and then prayer, to help us grapple further with our own experiences of prayers not getting the answer we had wanted.  It is based on the book 'God on Mute' by Pete Grieg, who is a passionate advocate for prayer, founding the 24/7 Prayer Movement.  This is a follow up to 'The Prayer Course' which many in Prestatyn took part in in 2016 and found it most beneficial.  If you missed out on our Prayer Course Zoom meeting on Wednesday 24th, don't worry, check out the post below which is the playlist for the original prayer course. Once the Prayer Course II has finished on Easter day, We will include the whole course here for you to join in with..  Please let me know if you'd like to be part of that.  The link for all of these is:

The Prayer Course (4pm Wednesday 24th March) 
Meeting ID: 918 7936 9140
Passcode: 690075
Telephone alternatives:

Yellow background with images. Text reads: “What an Eggscellent Easter Event! The Prestatyn Easter Pebble Dash!  It’s an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference. You’re looking for a painted pebble  with special easter designs. Exchange one for a Chocolate Easter Egg!  Step 1: Check the page (Prestatyn Church In Wales Facebook) first thing on Easter Sunday 4th April for the Pebble Dash Map 2021 with locations of painted pebbles (in local parks and gardens). Step 2: Grab a grown-up. Visit one of the locations and find a painted pebble! Full details on the Map!  Step 3: Swap your pebble for a Chocolate Egg. 1pm - 3pm Sun 4th April as directed on the Map!  Do hurry before they get rolled away!  (Covid precautions apply. one pebble per young person.)"

The Prestatyn Easter Pebble Dash is shaping up nicely, although a few more painted pebbles would be helpful.

 Thank you to the many who have already offered painted pebbles and eggs for this event on Easter Sunday.  Do contact me if you would also like to paint some pebbles, we are still a little short...  You need to be able to paint a pebble and take it to a pre-determined location to hide it (which I will send to you), wearing gloves (for Covid safety), also please send me a picture of it in advance so that I can allocate an egg for each pebble.  Information for children and families to take part will be available shortly.

White background with images included. Text reads: “Prestatyn Church In Wales 2021 warmly invite you to share any of these Holy Week Online Services. Maundy Thursday 1st April. 7PM Short Communion with Stripping the altar. Good Friday 2nd April. 10am Cytun Zoom Service (see facebook page for the link) 10.30am “Stations of the Cross” & “What’s so Good about Friday?” Video and prayer resources.

The other Holy Week Services are all shaping up well so do make some of them part of your Holy Week too.

I do hope that you have a deep and meaningful week.

Keep Safe,
Keep Praying &
Keep Close to Jesus!

God bless you,

Revd David Ash.
Vicar of Prestatyn.
01745 776355

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