Monday 5 April 2021

24-7 Prayer. The Prayer Course, available on our website!

24-7 Prayer. The Prayer Course, available on our website!

 Hello Folks,

Well, it's Easter Bank Holiday Monday, The birds are singing, likely because they're fed up because it's raining. Why is it that Easter always brings out iffy weather? Oh well.. As I'm typing this, Hail stones are falling. Could it be a white Easter? If that's the case. you might well find a recording of Easter Snow showing up. Not promising. Only if it does indeed snow, otherwise it ruins the connection.

Lew here, updating things for the website as usual. I thought we'd share this with you all as a news update. We are now hosting / sharing the 24-7 Prayer Prayer Course & Prayer Course II, here on our website.

To fill you in on the Prayer Course Online, We held a zoom Prayer Course refresher on Wednesday 24th March, which was a speedy "go through" of the original prayer course, especially for newcomers to get an idea of what Prayer Course II will be about. From Wednesday 31st March through to Yesterday, Easter Sunday 4th April at 4:00 PM via zoom, we held Prayer Course 2, which allowed us to explore Unanswered Prayer. I can guarantee you, it was thought provoking, inspiring and helped to unlock prayer.

Click here to go to our official page where you can access both the playlists and gain access to the course notes to view, etc.

All the best to you all,

Take care, Keep Safe  & look after yourselves.