Saturday 29 January 2022




Multi Colour Text reads: "A Warm Welcome. The Bells & Boiler Appeal For Christ Church Prestatyn
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Ladies & Gentlemen... We desperately need your help please. 

"After years of makeshift repairs, the boilers for the heating at Christ Church have finally broken and become obsolete, leaving the building often colder inside than out.

The bells that used to play such beautiful tunes heard throughout Prestatyn High Street  on the quarter hour and hour have been silenced because the electronic circuit board no longer works and needs replacing.

Damp issues that are inevitable with an old stone building have caused plaster and paint to have pealed in various places. Updating signs that would direct and inform visitors would also help us. 

We would so love to improve all of these and offer a warm and welcoming building for all to enjoy on those school, civic and family occasions as well as concerts, plays and the usual church services.

We estimate that £30,000 will be needed to realistically tackle these things and the congregation have wonderfully donated £5,000 (on top of their regular giving towards the ongoing costs of ministry, insurance, lighting etc - an eye watering £60,000 per annum). We are now appealing for community support to help bring this building back up to a good standard, so that it might be enjoyed and used more fully once more.

Can you help us?"

For more information on our campaign, please visit our JustGiving page. We will keep updating you on Facebook, our website and hopefully on Youtube. The more people who can support our church in this crisis, the better our chances of achieving what is needed to support our community.

Christ Church plays a vital part in the lives of the people of Prestatyn, We believe that Prestatyn is a family and that we, as a church, are there whenever needed. Christ Church is a unique church in that it is a peaceful sanctuary, a place of worship, a place of inspiration and beauty, a corner stone of our community and so much more.

Whether we hold concerts and performances, Weddings, Baptisms, Church Services or Funerals, Christ Church is at the heart of our community and we will always be there.

If you believe you can help us or support us. Please click on the image above or visit our page HERE.

Our story can also be found on Rhyl Journal.

Our church features a number of gifted musicians including organists, pianists, etc, as well as a beautiful and heart warming choir.