Saturday 3 July 2021

Our Online Service for Sunday 4th July 2021. The Fifth Sunday After Trinity. Our Theme: "Go Lightly, Listen Deeply & Pray Earnestly!"

Our Online Service for Sunday 4th July 2021.
The Fifth Sunday After Trinity. 
Our Theme: "Go Lightly, Listen Deeply & Pray Earnestly!"

Text Reads: "PRESTATYN CHURCH IN WALES. CHRIST CHURCH & CHURCH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  AN ONLINE SERVICE FOR TRINITY 5. FROM 10.00AM 4TH JULY.  "GO LIGHTLY, LISTEN DEEPLY & PRAY EARNESTLY!”.  The Faith Café. Where God can get a word in! Drop-In for a relaxed opportunity to chat about God over a cuppa. 7.30 pm Wednesdays.  Available at Prestatyn Church in Wales Facebook & YouTube Pages or at

 Hi Folks

The theme for this week's Online Sunday Service is: "Go Lightly, Listen Deeply & Pray Earnestly!"  Well, the gospel passage is quite difficult, with Jesus being belittled in his home town, and then him sending his disciples out two by two, in the clothes they stand up in.  Where might it resonate with you?  Do tune in to find out. Whether Live from 10am on Facebook or here on our website, even on Youtube. 

There are services at both churches on Sunday: 9.30am Holy Communion at CHS & 10.45am Morning Prayer with Welsh Heritage at CC, the speaker at both will be Tim Carter.  Do leave a message on 01745 7776355 if you intend to come along - just in case an unexpected coach full means there's no space, in these reduced capacity Covid safe times!

Do consider coming along to the Faith Café at 7.30pm on Wednesday via Zoom.  A good cross-section of people in different age groups have been attending and a wide variety of opinions expressed, so do consider asking your God questions and seeing what everyone else thinks.  You may be surprised how many share similar thoughts.
Why not come and join us through this link:

Meeting ID: 917 1188 9696
Passcode: 897078

Text Reads: "The Faith Café. Where God can get a word in!  Drop-In for a relaxed opportunity to chat about God over a cuppa.  Open to all, Any question can be raised, All contributions welcomed, You'll not be judged, You don't have to agree, Just one hour, Get the kettle on!  7.30pm - Wednesdays.  NOW ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Email for the link:"

Something new on the horizon (or coastal path actually) is Shore to Shore, a great way to make Mondays more meaningful!  If you like walking, enjoy company and care about the environment then this will hopefully interest you - it is a combination of rambling, litter-picking and pilgrimage from Talacre to Llandudno in six stages starting on 19th July (at Talacre).  This is the Church in Wales out and about, in conjunction with Keep Wales Tidy, so there will be prayer opportunities at various points along the way, but no compulsion to be dragged away from clearing any rubbish.  Four Mission Areas are coming together through this project and possibly a number with no church affiliation.  People with particular interests in walking, the environment, praying or strolling with the dog, are all welcome to share in this.  It's good for you and for the environment too!

Leaflets are available or further details online at: 

Text Reads: "LAN I'R LAN. SHORE TO SHORE 2021.  JOIN WITH THE CHURCH IN WALES OUT AND ABOUT.  Make Mondays Meaningful. Walk’n’Talk, Pause’n’Pray, Clear the Way (litter pick), All Walkers Welcome (dogs too), 19th July - 23rd Aug.
Sounds like a breath of fresh air!

Also this week is the next Mission Area Prayer meeting on Wednesday 7th at 4pm.
This is the link: 

Meeting ID: 934 3903 0309
Passcode: 852295

DIARY… For your information & prayers

Monday 5th July - 2.00 pm
Trefoil Guild, CHS EcoGarden

Monday 5th July - 7.00 pm
Homegroup via zoom

Wednesday 7th July - 4.00 pm,
Mission Area Prayers zoom 

Wednesday 7th July - 7.30 pm,
Faith Café via zoom

Wednesday 14th July - 10.00 am
Midweek Communion CHS followed by MOB meeting

Monday 19th July -  1pm 
Talacre Shore to Shore Walk, Pray & Clear the Way! 

Just to let you know that people are enquiring about Christenings and Weddings again, and even memorial services, so do give me a call if that includes you (01745 776355).

Thank you for your continued support of Prestatyn Church in Wales.

Keep Safe,
Keep Praying &
Keep Close to Jesus!

God bless you,

Revd David Ash.
Vicar of Prestatyn.
01745 776355

Prestatyn Church in Wales: Christ Church & the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Part of the Bryn a Môr Mission Area, within the Diocese of St Asaph.

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